Estudio: Commercial Surrogacy: A Contested Terrain in the Realm of Rights & Justice (2016)

Commercial surrogacy has emerged in recent years as a
volatile site in the encounter among gender, technology, and
society; one that is blurring the boundaries not just of the
body, but also of feminist praxis. In India, a country that has
become a favoured global destination for low-cost, high-tech
reproductive tourism, the practice of commercial surrogacy
is generating polarised representations: either as a win-
win situation or a race-to-the-bottom. Given the extreme
vulnerabilities of a vast majority of poor Indian women due
to exclusion and marginalisation in labour and job markets,
patriarchal social and family structures, and low educational
levels, the immediate financial gain through surrogacy assumes
significant motivation. Though the fertility market is based on
the principles of capitalist economy, its wider ramification both
within the country and beyond is yet to unfold. Commercial
surrogacy needs to be analysed along the lines of women’s
reproductive health issues, and within the larger context of
rights and justice.


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